Evil Eleven

be brave

11 of the finest climbs around Zurich

►250km     ▲ 6’000m

July 14th, 2018

On its way around lake Zurich, the route passes the following 11 climbs

Uetikon via Birmensdorfer Strasse
Albis Pass
Legends of Power
Vorder Höhi
Zürich Berg

For route data and other details, join our Strava Club!


Evil Eleven is no race, but a tour of friends. No time will be taken and no ranking will be published. All participants join entirely at their own risk. Evil Eleven does not accept liability for damage to property, death or personal injury that may occur whilst taking part in this activity. It is your responsibility to make sure your equipment is maintained and in safe working order.

The route is challenging and should only be undertaken in excellent physical condition. We recommend to consult your GP before riding the full distance.


Are you crazy?
No, we are cyclists
Is there a short tour as well?
This is the short tour.
How much is the fee for registering?
This is no race and no registration required. We plan a group ride end June / beginning of July. For further information, please join our Strava club.
I can't make the date planned for the group ride - what to do?
You can simply ride the tour yourself at any time. Ask your some of your friends to join and make it a fantastic day.

If you do so, please mention in our Strava Club, so that others may be able to join in!

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